Frequently asked questions

Is Styler BEE Certified?
Yes! In the spirit of being fair and equal within our South African economic landscape – we have been awarded Level Four BEE status.

What are Styler Planters made from?
Our planters are made from polyethylene and/or fibreglass

What colours and finishes do Styler Planters come in?
Our planter range is available in a myriad of colours. Suppliers are provided with a Colour Deck from which you may select your unique colour. Alternatively you may supply us with the Name and Code of the paint of your choice. The finishes range from Matt, to High Gloss to Metallic and Pearlescent.

What are the Standard Colours?
White Gloss – 56D
Black Gloss – 2/083
Post Office Red – 1/032
Silver Metallic – 98C
These colours are held in stock and delivery is therefore faster on these items.

What are Non Standard Colours?
This would be any colour not listed as a Standard Colour. These colours are not held in stock and delivery is therefore slightly longer as they shall be custom made according to your needs.

Can Styler Planters be made to match my décor?
Yes, absolutely. Refer to Non Standard Colours.

Can Styler Planters be used outdoors?
The range is designed for Interior & Exterior use. For outdoor use, the plug is removed from the liner and holes are to be drilled in the base of the pot. The paint has a UV factor built in and can therefore withstand harsh climate conditions.

Can Styler Planters be used as decorative vessels?
Styler Planters are recognised as artwork on their own, often used as centre pieces, decorative vessels and water features.

What is the Styler Liner?
The Liner is a controlled watering system designed and patented by Styler Products, assisting you, your household and staff in monitoring how much water each plant needs. This system ensures that you have healthy looking plants which naturally last much longer. For more information see “Styler Liner” on our “Products” page.

Does every Styler Planter accommodate the Styler Liner?
Yes, every Styler Planter does accommodate the Styler Liner. Your unique price list will provide accurate measurements of each liner designed for each pot.

What is the “Styler Liner Complete with Extra’s”?
This means you will get the Liner, Deck, Pipe, Cap, Capstones and a plug. Should you not wish to have all these extras, simply order each item individually.