At Styler Designs we design and locally manufacture a wide range of beautiful planters in a huge variety of colours that can uplift any environment, changing the look and feel of your home or office.

 Embellish Your Environment

Planter and Colours are non-verbal communication. They create a physical and emotional reaction with audiences, speaking volumes about character, strength and confidence. Let your environment reflect who you are and allow your progressive charisma to shine through.


Styler Designs offer a state if the art refurbishment service, boasting top quality preparation, painting and finishing – taking your old planters and breathing new life into them. These refurbishment centres boast a national footprint and are located at all our branches.

Custom Planters and Liners

Styler Designs boasts the ability to manufacture both custom planters and liners, please contact us for further information to suit your indoor or outdoor specifications.

The Styler Team are dedicated to delivering superior quality service and products to all our clients, nationally and internationally.