Healthy looking plants are as easy as 123

Insert the plug and soil deck in the bottom of the pot.

Insert the stones and the pipe.

Plant your plant in the plastic pot. It’s that easy!

All Styler planters accommodate the Styler Liner Intelligent Watering System.

How does it work?

A prescribed amount of water is placed down the fill pipe and rests in the water reservoir. Just above, in the deck, capillary stones are placed. These stones absorb the water, holding only what they can, ensuring a perfectly regulated water supply to the roots.

As the roots draw water slowly from the capillary stones, the stones will in turn draw more water from the reservoir, thus ensuring the roots never sit in an over-watered environment, resulting in root rot, disease and early death of the plant.
By the simple use of a gauge, you can ascertain when you need to fill up again. Usually this will be every 2 to 3 weeks.
As easy as that!

Available sizes:

25cm round | 29cm square stacker | 32cm round | 40cm round | 55cm round | 70cm round